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Webinář: „Laura Patsko - Integrating pronunciation with a coursebook-based syllabus“

18. 3. 2020 od 11 a/nebo 17 hodin

Integrating pronunciation with a coursebook-based syllabus

Research shows that time spent on pronunciation is time well spent: improved phonological awareness not only improves learners’ ability to understand and be understood, but also boosts proficiency in other areas, including reading, writing and vocabulary. But research also shows that teachers worldwide tend to lack confidence and training in teaching pronunciation—not to mention time! This webinar will explore how to make the most of a coursebook’s pronunciation content, as well as some straightforward, low-prep ways of exploiting pronunciation features hidden elsewhere in the course, including reading texts, grammar exercises, and so on.

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O autorce

Laura Patsko

Laura Patsko is a Language and Learning Consultant specializing in pronunciation, teacher development and English as a lingua franca (ELF). She is author or co-author of several books, chapters and articles on these topics. She is an experienced teacher, trainer and researcher, and former Editor of Speak Out!, the journal of the IATEFL Pronunciation Special Interest Group (2014-17). She blogs at laurapatsko.wordpress.com and elfpron.wordpress.com, and tweets as @lauraahaha.