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2. webinář ze série: Teach with Dave Masterclass

12. 5. 2021 od 15 do 16 hodin
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For teachers of secondary schools

Exams and tests are part of everyday life for secondary students, whether they be regular evaluation exams, external exams to gain a qualification in English, or university entrance exams. This session will investigate both the positive and negative impact that exams can have on our students and then go on to explore ways to help them to pass their exams with flying colours whilst remaining positive and motivated, and avoiding exam ‘tunnel vision’.

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O autorovi

David Spencer tn

David Spencer is a practicing secondary school teacher working in a school near Madrid. His interest in languages began at an early age and he began teaching English when he spent a year in Spain whilst studying Spanish and French at Oxford University. Dave has been writing courses for Secondary students for Macmillan since 1994 and is best known as the author of the popular Gateway series, the latest edition of which has just been published. Dave has given talks and visited schools in many different countries and is active on social media at https://www.facebook.com/teachwithdave where he loves being in touch with teachers from all over the world.